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How to Dominate Your Next Trade Show

Trade shows can make or break a company. Learn how to use merch effectively to dominate the mindshare of the visitors to your local con or trade show.

Three Reasons to Value “Green” Merch

What does using eco-friendly merch do for my company or my next promo event? Here are three great reasons to consider a switch to eco-friendly products.

Five Unique Promo Products for Your Next Promotion

There are dozens of companies that offer the same old promo products. But why not excite customers with your brand on something fresh and new?

What’s the Deal with In-House Embroidery?

So you're looking into wearable promotional products. Simply put, you want an awesome polo or smart-looking hat that shows off your company's brand. Fantastic! But how do you get from your digital logo or company branding to a wearable product to pass out at a trade...

The Dangers of Cheap Promo Products

You may not realize it, but buying promo products from one of the hundreds of bargain barrel providers may end up costing a fortune, and not just in cash.

Why Do I Need A Company Merch Store?

You’ve got your business started, but how do you get the word out to customers? A company store filled with merch is a great bang for your buck.

Which generations prefer promotional products? The answer may surprise you.

How do different generations react to promotional products? What is the most effective form of advertising? We discuss the best way for a business owner to reach the most potential customers.

Branded Corporate Merchandise: Why You Should Be Buying From a Problem Solver & Not a Product Pusher

When it comes to purchasing branded merchandise (promotional products, branded apparel, swag, etc.), you won’t have any trouble finding a company that will sell you a pen, mug, & polo shirt. Unfortunately the hard part is actually finding someone who is more...

Promotional Products: Trinkets and Trash or Powerful Advertising Medium

From our first president to modern apparel, promotional products offer one of the most powerful advertising mediums for any business.