The Dangers of Cheap Promo Products

Aug 15, 2019Program Management

The internet and feasibility of telecommuting have changed the promotional product game. Non-traditional businesses looking to sell company or branded merchandise have skyrocketed in number. Outlets like YouTube have given a platform to thousands of creators that want branded products. To supply this need, hundreds of low budget promotional products companies have flooded the internet in recent years. The biggest benefit of these companies is their low price. What’s the harm in choosing them over a true promotional products company like JMA Promotions? It turns out that there’s a lot more to a quality branded product than putting a logo on it.

Instead of focusing on the negatives, let’s look at the benefits of going with JMA and contrast it with these cheap product companies.

Associate your brand with quality

The first and biggest benefit of a true promotional products company is the quality of the final product. So many product start-ups offer low prices, but you pay for the price, so to speak, in quality. Many times t-shirts or polo shirts from these companies tend to break apart after a few washings. These products lack longevity because they’ve been designed as a minimally viable product. In other words, you may get your logo onto a shirt that you can give to clients and employees, but it won’t last.

JMA Promotions has decades of experience in choosing the best brands for promotional products. We work with dozens of brands, choosing only those which have consistently high quality products. We intend our products to be durable, long-term ads for your company or event.

Make Your Products Last

Not only does a cheap product tend to break quickly, your brand can become associated with a lack of quality. Do you want your company’s logo to wash away in a few washings? Or see the imagery tattered on the fabric? When this happens it’s not just disappointing to the user, but it hurts your image. Rather than promotional products serving your company, they can end up hurting you.

On the other hand, a durable product gives added value to your customer or employee. They associate your company with quality. It seems everyone has that pen, or that hat, or that polo shirt, that they got at a conference or an event and it still works. Years may pass and your product is still having a positive effect, lifting your brand up with it.

Access to a Wide Variety of Products

Many of these online product stores have access to a limited number of products. Some only have t-shirts in a small handful of colors. Others might be able to do screen printing but have no way to embroider your logo. To make a full range of your products available to customers or employees, you might have to contract with two or three suppliers.

A company like JMA has thousands of products available and waiting for your branding. We offer a staggering array of apparel types and colors to choose from, all with the same high quality and durability. But apparel is only the beginning. We offer hundreds more products for all purposes, from umbrellas to desk ornaments and more. Our goal is to make the widest possible array of products available for you so that you can get your name out there.

Personalized Management

If you’ve run a business you know how many administrative tasks can eat up time you’d rather spend elsewhere. Now imagine how much work would go into maintaining and managing your own promotional products! With the online companies, you have to control things like inventory, manage formats of your logo, and in some cases even design apparel. The customer support that exists is lacking, and your designs aren’t kept around, so if you need to print more you’ll have to go through the setup again.

With JMA, we can maintain an inventory of your top-selling products. We can handle a wide variety of products, including embroidery, in house. We offer complete program management so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. All you have to do is tell us what you need and give us your logo, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Relax…JMA is taking care of it!

At the end of the day, the price of these online companies doesn’t reflect the true price to you and your company. You have to factor in your time to run your own store. You need to take into account different suppliers for different products. You need to be aware that the quality may be lacking.

JMA Promotions will take care of you and your business. We have four decades of experience in providing high quality promotional products for a variety of businesses. Contact us today to see how we can help your business grow.