Why Do I Need A Company Merch Store?

Aug 2, 2019 | Program Management

So you’ve started your company, filed all the legal documents, gotten your loan from the bank, and even have a fancy logo. You’re crossing your fingers as you sit at your desk and wait for the first customer. But what now?

It can be tough to make the leap from building the structure of your business to serving the first customers. There are dozens of different methods to growing your business. Think about how many online services there are for marketing alone! There’s one method that you might not be familiar with—and it can take your marketing to the next level.

Promotional Products: Hawk Your “Merch”

You’ve got that brand new logo—why not see it emblazoned on every product you can imagine? We’ve talked before about the power of promotional products: long-term name recognition, positive associations, and genuine utility for your customers. Setting up a merch or promotional products store is a great way to harness this power to get your brand before the public. Remember, your merch out in the world doesn’t only advertise your brand to the wearer or user, but to everyone he or she comes in contact with. For apparel, this could be dozens or hundreds of people a day. On a dollar for dollar basis, few other marketing methods can top that!

But how do you know what products would be the best offerings? And where can people buy them? How do you organize such a large-scale effort to get your brand in the hands of your employees and customers?

Enter the Company Merch Store

A company merch store is a fantastic way to meet your goal of providing promotional products to a wide audience. Linked from your website or social media accounts, a company store gives tremendous advantages. The company merch store works just like any other online store: you can browse by categories, search for particular items, and check out with your online cart. By offering both your employees and your customers an easy, central location to find your products, you can increase their effect.

Consider the benefit to your employees. Whether you have one location or many, or are an online-only firm, the one-stop shop provides an easy place for employees to get the company-branded apparel and products they want. Employees can show company loyalty while serving as a brand ambassador while out in public.

Your customers, too, have the opportunity to share in promoting your company. Whether they’re just interested in high quality apparel or want to display their brand loyalty, a company store allows them easy and quick access to your products.

But where can you find such a store? It seems like it’d be time-intensive to set up and maintain an online store, particularly as you make more products available.

Relax…JMA is taking care of it!

JMA Promotions specializes in providing a company online company store solution. We customize the available products for your business’s needs. We handle customer service inquiries so you don’t have to. We even do our own in-house embroidery, so we can create and store many different products for you to chose from. With thousands of merch possibilities, our inventory and backorder system allows you to focus on your business. Unlike other promotional products providers, we have a large capacity warehouse for storing an inventory of your best-selling items, which means they can be rapidly shipped to your customers or employees when they’re ordered.

Rather than needing to sort through orders, handle inquiries, and update for changes in inventory, we handle everything. We have years of program management expertise and can help you ramp up your product selection.

Interested in seeing how a company merch store could improve your business’s presence in your community? Give us a call to talk about your specific needs and our program management specialists will walk you through the process.

Talk to me about company merch stores today!

Ann Smrekar

Ann Smrekar

Client Services Director, Program Orders