Branded Corporate Merchandise: Why You Should Be Buying From a Problem Solver & Not a Product Pusher

Mar 6, 2019

When it comes to purchasing branded merchandise (promotional products, branded apparel, swag, etc.), you won’t have any trouble finding a company that will sell you a pen, mug, & polo shirt. Unfortunately the hard part is actually finding someone who is more interested in selling you a solution rather than a product.


The true identifier of a solutions provider in this business is someone who cares about your brand just as much as you do. With literally millions of different product options to choose from, they should be your catalog (and I don’t mean sending you a link to an online web store). They should be the one taking as much off your plate as possible so you can actually work and not worry about which color to choose, staying under budget & ensuring company brand standards are followed.

Sure, you could just chop this up as great customer service but it’s so much more than that. The process of communicating a company/organization’s brand and cultivating an image is incredibly important. We know this because businesses spend billions of dollars each year on marketing strategies, advertising campaigns, and hiring PR firms that “position” their brand with great premeditation to the public.

Solving problems shouldn’t be avoided, they should be embraced. Instead of looking at us like product peddlers you really should be looking to us as your brand ambassadors.