Five Unique Promo Products for Your Next Promotion

Sep 17, 2019 | Promotions

A small number of promo products seem to dominate most of the floor space at cons or tradeshows. You know them when you see them: hats, t-shirts, buttons, pens. Some might even refer to these things as “trinkets:” low value, low utility objects.

There’s nothing wrong with these products in themselves; in fact, the reason they are so popular has everything to do with their utility and cost. They’re economical to mass produce but also fun and engaging products that add value for customers and employees. But because these products dominate the market, your brand and imagery tend to get lost in all the noise. After all, if you’re in a crowd of a hundred people with a t-shirt, how many would notice your fantastic branding in a sea of other brands?

That’s why we wanted to highlight some of the unique, exciting products that JMA Promotions offers. You can always check out our idea center to brainstorm the products you’d like to see your company offer. If you have any questions, we’d love to talk to you to help you set up the merch program that best serves your company’s needs.

Without further ado, to the five products!

1. Smartphone Accessories

When more than three quarters of Americans have and use a smartphone regularly, it makes perfect sense to target products at this market. Consider offering smartphone cases to employees as a year end gift or for a special occasion. Of course, with smartphone cases it’s important to get one that fits with the phone in question. But never fear! We offer a wide variety of cases for all modern smartphones, from suppliers like Otter Box, the gold standard in smartphone case protection.

2. Golf Gear

As the summer is winding down, now is the time to get those last few trips to the links. And what better than to show off your company’s branding in fashion with golf accessories? Golf balls are another old chestnut of the promo products world, but JMA Promotions has a huge variety of golf-related merch available for you. From putter head covers to high-quality Callaway standing golf bags we’ve got your golf needs covered.

Football or Camping Accessories

There’s nothing more famously associated with late summer and early fall than the start of football season. See your company’s logo on folding chairs or even on roll-up blankets for those breezy autumn games. As usual, we only choose products for our clients that are well-made, durable, and that act as a positive ambassador for your brand.

Board Games

Playing cards or dice sets are old hat insofar as promo products are concerned. As we’ve said before, there’s nothing wrong with them if they fit your needs, but we’re looking for some unique and exciting merch you can give to your employees and customers. Consider, for instance, the positive brand associations that can come from setting up branded bag toss at a county fair or local event. From giant yard dice to wooden tower puzzles, we can associate your brand with fun and family game days.

Wireless Speakers

With Bluetooth and wireless charging, speaker systems can now serve multiple functions. Gone are the days of giant boom boxes! Sleek, portable Bluetooth speakers can speak worlds about your company as a forward-thinking, modern enterprise. We can put your branding on a huge variety of speakers, from clip-on wireless to floating to desktop charging cylinders. These make great items for tradeshows or for employee incentives.

So many more!

Take a look at our idea center and see what merch strikes your fancy. We’ll occasionally come back and revisit our products with future posts to highlight some of the unique and exciting possibilities available. And relax…JMA Promotions will take care of it!

Talk to me about unique promo products today!

Ann Smrekar

Ann Smrekar

Client Services Director, Program Orders