As a business owner, you want to be able to market your products or services while spending as little as possible. It’s only logical: you want the most bang for your buck. As we’ve discussed before, promotional products are a powerful and advertising medium and an effective way of getting your message out.

But there’s a problem: generations react to marketing in very different ways. How do different generations react to promotional products? Is there one strategy that’s most effective?

Generational Differences

In a 2017 Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) study, researchers found huge differences between the information recall between generations. GenXers, for instance, were most likely to remember calls to action. Baby Boomers, on the other hand, best recalled facts like the website domain or your business’s contact information. Social media information resonated best with millenials.

These findings make sense: millenials have grown up with technology. Social media is often the first source of information for millenials. Meanwhile, a Baby Boomer might focus instead on contact information, as they’re most used to this format.

The Power of Promotional Products

How does the savvy business owner deal with this issue? One way would simply be to create advertising in a variety of media. This way, each generation would find its preferred niche and have a favorable impression of the company. The obvious problem with this approach, of course, is cost. Some businesses simply do not have the resources to try such a wide-ranging strategy.

There’s a much easier and more effective way: promotional products.

That same study that discussed generational information recall found another dramatic result. Everyone, from the silent generation to the millenials, preferred promotional products to other forms of advertising. It is the one form of advertising consistent across the board.

But Why?

While the PPAI study doesn’t address the reasons each generation gave for their clear favorite, we can guess at a few. Promotional products are powerful for quite a few reasons, many of which we’ll address in later posts.

A physical reminder of your brand

Even in an increasingly digital age, many people still prefer physical objects. Your customers will still need clothing, after all, and seeing your brand embroidered on polo shirts, sweatshirts, or hats, gives you credibility and memorability in your customers’ eyes.

Long Lasting Impact

A promotional product, once given, stays in your customer’s hands for months or years. How many of us have pens on our desks from companies that were handed out years before? Other types of advertising (like search ads or TV spots) are short-lived, and rarely persist for more than a few minutes in your customers’ memories.

Useful Advertising

Most advertising is all about the brand. Calls to action, contact information, testimonials—they all point out why your brand is unique or worthy of your customers’ time, but they don’t do anything for your customer in themselves.

Promotional products, however, offer something tangible for your customers. You’re giving them something more than your slogan or tagline: you are giving them something that is useful in everyday life. By tying your brand to a physical gift, you increase its standing in your customers’ minds dramatically.


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